Erin grew up in Northern Virginia and has been surrounded by the real estate business her entire life. Her father owned his own construction company that specialized in custom homes and her mother ran the office.  As her and her siblings grew older they spent more time on the job sites their knowledge of the industry grew.  As her dad aged and the business grew her brother took over the company and still runs it to this day.  One could say that they weren't just raised in the industry, but it was in their blood. So as you can imagine when her family gets together it doesn't take long before the conversion turns toward the real estate industry.

 Erin attended college at Radford University.  After graduating she decided to take flight from Virginia and see the world outside of the United States by becoming a flight attendant for an international airline.  Eventually landing in Middle Tennessee where she found her way back to her roots in real estate.  In 2005 she started her own real estate career and has been helping countless clients with their real estate transactions. 

 Through the years she’s learned that every real estate transaction is unique and that the industry is constantly fluctuating which always presents new challenges every year.  She welcomes these changes and believes that there is no greater satisfaction than helping her clients achieve success in finding the perfect property or selling an existing one.

 One of the many things she learned through the years of working through these challenges is to surround herself with a team of industry professionals. Some of those team members are home inspectors, title companies, lenders, insurance agents, landscapers, interior designers and painters. These people are here to make sure her clients transactions go as smoothly as possible and are there to help them even after they finalize their transaction.

 Nashville is Erin’s home now and she is proud to call it that.  The people that she helps aren’t just clients they are now lifelong friends and members of a community she‘s helping to build.