26 Free things to do in Nashville


1. Watch the Predators practice

Tickets to see the Preds play can get pretty pricey but there’s no charge to watch them practice. All of their practices are open to the public and held at Centennial Sportsplex.

2. Get classy at an art crawl

Every first Saturday of the month art galleries across downtown Nashville open their doors for free. On good nights, you’re likely to get free wine and apps, too.

3. Get lost in the night sky

About once a month, the Nashville astronomy group meets at various parks across Middle Tennessee to set up their telescopes and gaze at the night sky. You don’t actually have to know anything about astronomy to join the group, so don’t worry.


4. Experience new music

Vanderbilt University's Blair School of Music has lots of free and open to the public events throughout the school year including performances by the university orchestra and the Vanderbilt Opera Theatre.

5. Take an envious drive through Belle Meade

Drive slowly through the rows of mansions in Belle Meade which are home to the richest people in Nashville. You can daydream about what it must be like to live in a house that you could literally get lost in.

6. Visit the Tennessee State Museum and State Capitol

It’s free to walk through the entire museum that’s filled with Tennessee history, artifacts, and fun activities. And afterwards, you can walk over to the Tennessee State Capitol and take in more history on a free tour.

7. Get some sweet Tennessee history

The Tennessee Agricultural Museum, located at the Ellington Agricultural Center, features agricultural artifacts from the 19th and 20th century in Tennessee.

8. Take a stroll through the Opryland Hotel gardens

The Opryland Hotel gardens aren’t just beautiful at Christmas, ya know.

9. Go to a comedy open mic night

Every Tuesday night The East Room has a free Ultimate Comedy Open Mic night. If you’re not brave enough to take the stage, you can laugh at/with those who are.

10. Take a tour of the Dukes of Hazzard museum

Nashville has its very own museum dedicated to all things Dukes. While there, you can get your picture taken sitting inside Cooter’s tow truck or the famed orange Charger, the General Lee.

11. Turnip the Beet at the Nashville Farmers' Market

Every Saturday night the Nashville Farmers' Market hosts an open mic night called Turnip the Beet. Most of the restaurants and shops stay open throughout the event so you can enjoy dinner while listening to free (although maybe not always amazing) music.

12. Tap into your inner Shakespeare at the Shakespeare Festival

A donation is suggested but it’s technically free to get into the Shakespeare Festival during the summer in Nashville. Parting will be such sweet sorrow.

13. Take dance lessons at the Big Band Dances each summer

Throughout each summer, the city of Nashville hosts a Big Band Dance every Saturday night that’s completely free and includes various free dance lessons.

14. Get out and enjoy one of the many beautiful parks around Nashville

Shelby Park, Radnor Lake, Centennial Park, etc. Take your pick. Nashville’s got lots of beautiful and scenic parks that are great for hiking and enjoying the great outdoors.

15. Enjoy some live music

After all, this is Music City, USA. Broadway always has endless free music, and the Bluebird Cafe is also a Nashville favorite.

16. Take a stroll through The Arts Company

Located in downtown Nashville, it’s always free to take a stroll through The Arts Company’s exhibits of original and contemporary artwork.

17. Take a hike with the Nashville Hiking Meetup

This group meets up on a regular basis and has hikes ranging from beginner to advanced. They even have hikes where they take dogs from the shelter on walks, which you need to get involved in.

18. Participate in a trivia night

Nashville has no shortage of trivia nights at great locations and many of them are free to participate in. We recommend the trivia night at Jackalope Brewery every Thursday night.

19. Attend a mini music festival

Every Thursday in August and September, Lightning 100 hosts a mini music festival in downtown Nashville called Live on the Green. The fest is always packed, and features great live music and lots of classic Nashville food vendors.

20. Visit a farmers' market

Pretty much every neighborhood in the Middle Tennessee area has its own farmers' market these days. Some of them run year-round while others are just during the summer months.

21. Tour the Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Group tours are always free at the symphony center!

22. View some really awesome model trains

At the Nashville Garden Railway there’s a giant model train set-up that’s completely free to view and unlike anything in Nashville. The times and displays change so check their Facebook for details.

23. Catch up on your reading at one of the Nashville Public Libraries

As far as libraries go, Nashville has some truly great ones. They also host a plethora of free public events all of which can be found on their website.

24. Ride around downtown on the Music City Circuit

The Music City Circuit buses are always free to ride and they circle three different routes around the downtown area.

25. Join the Nashville Science Club

The Nashville Science Club meets the second Tuesday of every month and features various talks by scientists from the area. Hear experts give talks on black holes, nuclear power, archeology, and more. Feel smarter in just one hour.

26. Do some yoga in the park

Yoga in the Park, hosted by Lightning 100’s Team Green, is every Tuesday at 6pm from Memorial Day to Labor Day and is totally free to the public