Top Sushi Spots Around Town

Batter’d & Fried

Traditional, vegetarian and nigiri rolls cater to basic sushi eaters, but if you’re feeling adventurous grab a specialty roll or a sushi platter.
1008 Woodland St, Nashville, TN 37206; 615-226-9283


Koi features a short list of sushi classics hand prepared behind the bar as customers look on eagerly. All their maki rolls come with up to eight pieces and can be as stuffed or simple as you like. 
102 Lumber Dr. Ste 200, Franklin, TN 37064; 615-538-6018
2535 Franklin Rd, Nashville, TN 37204; 615-942-6208
923 Main St, Nashville, TN 37204; 615-454-3538

Lucky Belly

Mixed into their traditionally American menu, Lucky Belly has hidden five simple sushi rolls that come as sashimi, nigiri or maki along with a full maki menu of their own creations like the Beet It! and the Liberty Bell. 
2119 Belcourt Ave, Nashville, TN 37212; 615-383-5770 

Nama Sushi

Their rolls may be small but they pack a flavorful punch. Not to mention Nama has half price night two days a week on maki rolls. 
2300 Elliston Place, Nashville, TN 37203; 615-933-6262 

Peter’s Sushi

The menu at Peter’s includes pad Thai and California rolls expertly crafted by the chefs. Pair your roll with a noodle or curry dish for some more variety. 
330 Franklin Rd, Brentwood, TN 37027; 615-370-1493 


Step out of your comfort zone with PM’s Nashville roll or fall in love with their deep fried Summer roll. If you want to skip the traditional maki, PM also serves Chirashi and Tekka Don. 
2017 Belmont Blvd, Nashville, TN 37212; 615-297-2070 

Sam’s Sushi

In its new home on the second floor of Acme, Sam’s Sushi has a straightforward menu with traditional stuffed rolls, one-item rolls, and seven styles of nigiri. 
101 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37201; 615-915-0888 

Samurai Sushi

Reignite your love for sushi with Samurai’s specially rolls: the Ninza, Crazy, and Volcano. These large rolls are filled, topped, and drizzled with a variety of ingredients for inventive sushi dishes. 
2209 Elliston Pl, Nashville, TN 37203; 615-320-5438 


Everything from partially fried rolls to the tried and true classics with maki, nigiri and sashimi sushi are available. 
40 White Bridge Rd, Nashville, TN 37205; 615-356-9284 


Voted Nashville’s best sushi by our readers, Virago treats their sushi as art. Six categories of the raw dish provide a selection most anyone can enjoy inside their beautifully designed downtown space. 
1126 McGavock St, Nashville, TN 37203; 615-254-1902 

Wild Ginger

The menu of maki sushi includes the signature El Wildginger and the classic Brooklyn Crunch. For less seaweed, choose from the a la cart nigiri options. 
101 Market Exchange Ct, Franklin, TN 37067; 615-778-0081


Written By:  Nashville Lifestyles

Photographers:  Ron Manville, The Tennessean & Provided