Star from TV Show Top Chef Opening New Restaurant in Nashville

Story from the Nashville Scene Chicago chef Dale Levitski is moving to Nashville and will open a restaurant in the historic theater building in Melrose. Levitski shot to fame as a runner-up on season three of Top Chef and parlayed that success into Sprout, a well-received 35-seat new-American-style restaurant in the Windy City. More recently, Levitski opened Frog 'n Snail, but both closed last fall after he left to take a hiatus. Bites talked briefly with Levitski last week as he was weighing Nashville and a few other cities. He liked his experience and wondered if his style would fly here. In a statement today, Levitski confirmed the move. “I am thrilled to be joining one of the hottest food scenes in the country,” said Levitski. “While Chicago will always be my beloved hometown, what really excites me about Nashville is the energy and support for the culinary scene. More specifically, the team behind this project, the space in which it will grow, and the high quality of service are all in line with my goals, and I know it’s going to be a fantastic result.” Colin Reed, partner/owner in the as yet unnamed project, was very high on Levitski's ability. “Levitski will instantly elevate and add to the Nashville dining scene, which continues to enjoy the national spotlight,” said Reed. “It was very quickly evident that he was the ideal talent for this project. When he began discussing his vision for the food, it was as if he had a script of conversations we’d had internally.” While chef at Sprout, Levitski was semifinalist for a 2011 James Beard award in the ultra-competitive Great Lakes region. He and his restaurants have received numerous honors. To read the whole article click here.